Frequently asked Questions...

How much does it cost?
Agency4Kidz does not charge a joining or admin fee. We work solely on on commission. 
Having said that there are some costs in which all actors should expect to pay in order to stand the best chance available at getting work. While it is technically possible to represent children without professional headshots and without a listing on spotlight, it is much harder to secure the auditions and castings without them.
What is Spotlight?
Spotlight is an online directory that allows most casting directors to electronically look for what they need for their castings. It also allows our agency easy access to all the current castings and can submit with immediate action.
We recommend that all our clients pay for a listing on spotlight. tHIS CURRENTLY COSTS FROM £100 PER YEAR.
Do we need professional headshots?
While It's totally acceptable to represent children without professional headshots, we often find having them enhances your chances of securing the auditions. 
Can you guarantee work for my child?
Like most agencies, we can't guarantee work for our clients; nor can we guarantee auditions. We receive breakdowns daily and we suggest our clients that we think are suitable for the role. Please remember that there are so many other children out there also looking for acting work. 
How much notice will you give us before a casting/audition?

For Theatre auditions we shall do our best at getting as much notice as we can, however In most cases casting directors can give us appointments for castings the following day. This means that we usually contact clients with about 24 hours' notice if not more. As appointments are limited, it's essential that you let us know if you are unavailable in advance! Please let us know of any holidays or family commitments that make you unavailable.

Where do jobs take place?
A lot of the work  takes place in London or around the south east of England, However we regularly have castings for projects which may take place abroad. We also regularly receive breakdowns for work on tour across the uk and possibly even other countries.
Can I be represented by more than one agency?
Like most agencies, we do insist on having sole representation of our clients, and ask that all work offers are directed to us. The main reason for this is that we need to be certain that we know exactly when our clients are available for work, and which jobs they are currently booked on. if you're approached directly about a job, please ask them to contact us directly. we need to ensure that the correct fees are being paid and that child performance regulations are being met.

What is a self-tape?

It is becoming increasingly common for casting directors to ask for 'self tape' instead of inviting the child in to a meeting with an casting assistant. This means filming yourself reading the lines or maybe even doing a dance. If they like what they see on the tape, they will then bring the child in to meet in person, or sometimes bring them straight in for a meeting with the director.

This is a good thing as It saves you the time and the expense of travelling into London for a role that you might not be quite right for.


How to make a self tape...

there are a few things you need to do in order to stand out from the others.  it's essential to follow a few simple rules below to succeed. 

1. Choose a brightly lit room to record in, and make sure you're against a plain background- a white wall is best if possible. Unless you're told otherwise, you only need the head and shoulders in frame. 

2. Get a friend to read in the lines and make sure they do not stand too close to the microphone so that it's clear whose voice is being used for the casting.

3. A Wobbly camera is extremely distracting and detracts from a good performance. If you don't have a tripod try a blob of blu-tak and a suitably high surface will do.

4. Make sure you film the scene in landscape  not portrait. This is the number one error that self-tapers make.

5. Once you've finished, send the video to us using a file transfer service. We recommend wetransfer as it's free and easy to use. Just visit the website in your browser, type in your address, the recipient's address, attach the file and send.

Please do not upload the self tape to any other sites like YouTube or something similar as often the script will be confidential.